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About our distance learning programme

IIL-Online is a distance learning programme delivered by the teaching teams of the Institut International de Lancy (IIL), a leading international school in Geneva, Switzerland. IIL welcomes children of all nationalities, cultures and religious backgrounds and provides on campus education to students aged 3 to 19.

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Who is this programme for?

  1. 1

    Students who want an excellent international education

  2. 2

    Families with extensive professional mobility

  3. 3

    Gifted children who travel regularly to participate in competitive sports or artistic excellence

  4. 4

    Children who have to distance learn due to the remoteness of their location

Distance must no longer stand in the way of education

Institut International de Lancy
Digital technology

Online Teaching & Learning

IIL-Online utilises IIL’s expertise in digital technology and pedagogical innovation to ensure smooth and efficient online education.

Like the students of the Institut International de Lancy, your child is provided with all the necessary equipment. Training in tools and technical assistance are available at any time during the school year.

In class, at a distance

Primary & Secondary

Even from a distance, your child can enjoy being part of a class. Each group consists of 15 students maximum. Daily interactions with classmates contribute to developing a sense of community and maintaining a social bond throughout the school year.

Returning to a traditional educational system remains possible at any time of the student’s school career.

The programme is being implemented gradually for given age groups and further classes are to open in the coming years (see below). It is not open to Geneva students.

Implementation Schedule

First phase in 2022-2023

The programme is accessible for pupils aged 7 to 13.
In primary school, it has been decided that children can commence once they have acquired the core skills of reading and writing, in accordance with both French and British curricula (Key Stage 2).
In Secondary, the programme is offered to pupils in the first two years of lower secondary school (Y7 and Y8 in the UK system).

Second phase in 2023-2024

The programme will be extended to primary students aged 5 and 6 and to Y9/4e and Y10/3e classes in secondary.

Third phase from 2024-2025

Students will start preparing official diplomas (IGCSE and French Baccalaureate).

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