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Our programme

Primary school distance learning programme

At Primary level, the programme is delivered over four days. The fifth day is reserved for individual work and for a special time of personal interaction between your child and the teacher. For 2022-2023 academic year, the distance learning programme is accessible for pupils aged 7 to 13.

Academic Year Organisation

School Calendar

The academic year is organised based on the IIL school terms and breaks. Depending on the geographical area and if the number of students allows, the calendar may be adapted according to local constraints.

The programme also includes two times when your child is present on campus: 

Two days before the beginning of the school year to:

  • meet the teachers and students of the programme
  • acquaint with equipment and applications, assisted by ICT Trainers
  • take part in cohesion activities

Two days at the end of the school year to:

  • take stock of the year
  • take part in cohesion activities

If travel to IIL is not possible, some activities are organised online.


Assessments are regularly scheduled by teachers and two report cards are issued per year.

Lessons are taught in French or English. In the bilingual path, languages alternate every day (one day in English, one day in French).

Director of Primary

Weekly schedule

First Teaching time of the day

The first teaching time consists of alternating online lessons with a teacher and individual work in synchronous mode. The subjects taught during this time are:

  • Language (French or English) 
  • Mathematics

Second teaching time of the day

The second teaching time is dedicated to projects which aim to develop knowledge in the different subjects of the curriculum (science, art, music, history and geography) as well as 21st century skills including problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, metacognition, risk taking, communication, collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Participating in this programme will enable your child to acquire digital skills well beyond the expectations of the school curriculum.

The student has regular periods of independent work.

Slots also remain available, depending on the time difference, to set up additional lessons (sports, arts, languages…) at your request.


Fridays are dedicated to one-to-one interaction between the teacher and the student, supplemented by independent work.

Teaching time

Videoconferencing Tool

Zoom is the application used for all our videoconferencing lessons.

With its simple, modern and ergonomic design, this tool combines online meetings and secure instant messaging. It can be used on a computer as well as on a tablet or a smartphone. 

In addition, Zoom offers a wide range of collaborative features: 

  • screen sharing for presentations
  • file sharing 
  • interactive and collaborative whiteboard to allow brainstorming and structuring ideas from a distance

Participants can also use instant messaging during videoconferences to communicate in parallel with the meeting. In addition, Zoom provides customised backgrounds or virtual sets in which the user’s image is automatically integrated as they move.

Teaching Tools

IT Equipement

An iPad and relevant accessories are provided by IIL at the time of enrolment.

The iPad is set up by the IIL IT Team. All the necessary applications and resources are directly installed on the device.

If you are unable to come to IIL before the beginning of the academic year, the equipment is sent to you and IIL ICT Trainers provides remote training in the equipment and applications.

Digital Learning Environment

The Learning Management System (LMS) chosen by IIL is ONE, developed by the company Open Digital Education. Hosted in France and Germany, in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ONE is a reliable LMS, used by more than 5 000 French schools and academic services.

This tool allows you to: 

  • follow your child’s schooling 
  • correspond with the pedagogical team 
  • communicate and share experiences with other learners via LMS group discussion tools
  • access class material uploaded by teachers 
  • utilise various applications integrated by IIL to the LMS

Technical support

Technical support is available for the use of the hardware and applications. 

Tutorials are accessible to answer frequently asked questions and assist you in getting started.

Student and parent e-learning
Your participation

The role of the legal guardians

You are regularly kept informed of your child’s progress and achievements by the teachers. It is essential that you support your child in their education, in particular by making sure that

  •  they respect their daily schedule
  •  they provide regular work

Depending on the age and the level of autonomy of the student, the necessary time of support may vary.

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